It’s A Brad Brad World

This picture says it all! Brad was seriously one of the most laid back, goofy, sweet and well dressed people I have ever met! When I found out that he would be doing a book signing and Q&A at The Grove in LA, I knew I had to be there. 

Basic black would not work for this event so I decided to step up my color and pattern mixing game. Out of my comfort zone but I think it worked well!

Brad is worth arriving early for. I was first in line and ended up sitting front and center (because is there anywhere else to be?). My obsession with an iced venti green tea (double the cup) oddly enough started when I saw Rachel sipping them on The Rachel Zoe Project. Which is where we all first met the adorable, Brad Goreski… him and all of his tears! But I like how Brad so boldly put it, “The Rachel issue is so last season”. It’s a Brad Brad World now… DUH! 

During Q&A I asked Brad, “What is your advise for an aspiring stylist”? I wish I would have recorded his answer, but in a nut shell it was: BE THE BEST INTERN YOU CAN BE and NEVER EVER EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT BEING TIRED (his number one pet peeve). He actually took quite a bit of time answering the question and lucky me got the personal advice the night before my first styling job!

As a former personal assistant of almost 10 years, I totally adore Lindsay! She is cute as a button, sweet as southern iced tea and absolutely amazing at her job. I was honored to meet and chat with her.

Ahhh… somebody pinch me because this actually happened! I also got to meet Gary on my way out, what a night! I could not have been more pleased with Team Brad. I hope to meet these three awesome people again one day. Hey, who knows, maybe one day I’ll get to work with Brad? Crazier things have happened. And one day, I will find a Gary. If you don’t know what that means - watch the show!

Amazing, right? Something I will forever remember as I embark on this crazy journey of being a stylist. Personal advice, from Brad, himself, getting to meet Brad, Lindsay AND Gary, and a signed book? I would say: A night to remember! 

Brad’s book, Born To Be Brad, is an inspirational story of being true to yourself and dreams come true. Hard works pays off and Brad is proof of that. If you haven’t already, get your copy here. And if you have read it, let me know what you think!