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Until January of last year, I associated DKNY with outdated rhinestone baseball caps and baby tees (think Bebe-esque logo). Why?  Because that’s the kind of brand that DKNY still was? Absolutely not!  It was only because I had not really been exposed to the brand since those items were “in” (Bebe, maybe you can take a cue regarding the evolution of a brand). But that’s beside the point. I digress.


For some reason in early 2011, CBS agreed to feature me on a live morning show to talk—fashion, what else?  In the midst of my research for the segment, I came across several articles featuring the top Twitter handles to follow in fashion.  Three names seemed to stand out over and over.  At first I thought nothing of it.  What does a brand rep from NYC that is “tweeting” have to do with me, a girl in Richmond, Virginia? I would soon find out: a lot!


The stories of @dkny, @bergdorfs and @oscarprgirl began to intrigue me. They were not just a brand; they were personalities, with stories to share and conversations that were fun to join. They were witty, insightful, and they actually respond to normal people like me all the way in little Richmond, Virginia.


I joined this Twitter thing, never expecting it to become part of my daily life, but it seemed fun.  At the very beginning of my Twitter days, I came across a tweet about Lucky Magazine’s FABB conference. I did not realize it then, but I was incredibly “lucky” to be one of the first to get in on this amazing event.  One thing led to another and I found myself in NYC having a convo with none other than Erica AKA @OscarPRGirl.  She dished out tips on branding, fashion, and life in the city that never sleeps. Cannon (@Bergdorfs) was also in attendance at FABB and I got a quick “hello” but she was busy running between the event and the store!  Needless to say, after this event, I became THAT much more aware of the power of Twitter and what these “brands” actually had to do with me.  Aliza (@DKNY) was still anonymous at this time so a personal meeting was not an option. Although, I did ask Erica if she knew this fabulous Twitter personality.  “Yes, she works in my building—you should just tweet her!” Tweet her I did, and she—to my surprise—tweeted back?!  Needles to say, I no longer have the same view of DKNY.  I know it’s long past the rhinestone logo days and well onto amazing pieces worth obsessing over. Hello cape dress?


It’s been just a little over a year since I joined this Twitter world that at times can seem more like a community.  Some are like extended family, always supporting me, while others are like friends, dishing out advice on everything from fashion to tech.  Then, there are those that I can always count on for a good laugh! I have met so many of these “strangers” in real life (or should I say, IRL?) and I never would have had the privilege of making these friends and connections without Twitter.  People who don’t tweet, still don’t get why I take pictures of my food, care about what attire @dkny thinks is acceptable or why I got so exited by a tweet that included #IETT from the legend herself (my ultimate Twitter moment I must say). But that’s ok! If you get it, you get it.


Without Twitter, (specifically: @bergdorfs) I would not have known who Linda Fargo was nor had the chance to say hi to her outside of the Chanel fashion show in Paris. I wouldn’t have realized the power of a top knot or Bikram yoga (thanks @OscarPRGirl).  And last but not least, I would not be in LA living out a dream had I not found the book Secrets of A Stylist by @SashaCharnin.


One year ago, I was the shy girl researching Fashion for a TV segment in Richmond, VA.  Doing pulls from a local mall was big for me even though it may have been nothing to anyone in the fashion world. That local mall and my newfound Twitter obsession had nothing yet everything to do with each other at the same time.  Last September, I ended up co-judging Project Style for Fashion’s Night Out at that same local mall with Alexis Bellino of The Real Housewives Of Orange County and Richmond’s coolest DJ, Melissa Chase.  I am now a brand ambassador for Shoptopia.  I’ve attended a school for styling in Hollywood .  Lately, I’ve been assisting stylists on photo shoots (oh, you know, just Ali Lohan and Lucy McIntosh to name a few), had the privilege of attending FABB AGAIN, I’ve received personal advice from Brad Goreski, and the list goes on!  There have been so many amazing opportunities it’s unreal.  A dream come true or should I say, coming true.  It’s not easy and it’s not always perfect but I’ll take it!  Just thinking… Had I never looked into this Twitter thing… No—I can’t even go there! Oh yeah and I guess I owe you a little thanks too, @jack! :)

How has twitter impacted your life? I would love to hear!

Red Carpet… Red Hot

Chances are that if you love fashion, you were watching the E Red Carpet coverage with the rest of us fashion obsessed on Sunday evening. For the most part I was disappointed, the lack of creativity and class was immense. The ones that that got it right were few and far between but boy were they AMAZE! Red is hot hot hot for fall, one glance at Kate or Nina and you’ll see why. A glamorous mix of curve hugging fabulousness and class done oh so well.

Can’t afford these Elie Saab or Donna Karan frocks? No worries dear, we’ve got you covered with the look for less. They might not get you interviewed by Guilianna or Ryan, but they will get you noticed. This we promise.

PS- there is no such thing as the 360 Glam Cam IRL… or we’d all be in trouble, even with our spanx. So rock the red with confidence.

Red screams, look at me so making sure your hair, makeup and nails are equally fabulous is a must. And a side note for you red heads (you can wear red!).  Whether you go for a rent the runway selection perfect for a glam night our or a more day appropriate dress, red is all the rage for fall.  Go ahead and werk it.


Just Ask

You’ve heard it all before: The sky is the limit, Reach for the stars, Dreams really do come true. And so on and so on…

Truth be told, these are all great, motivational and inspirational sayings but something is missing. Behind every dream that came true there is a whole lot of hard work and dedication to be found. You must live, eat sleep and breathe your dreams, but they can be yours for the taking. 

Day dreaming can be fun, but it won’t get you far. Our “dreams” tend to consist of the glamourous moments, right? You see the red carpet, rubbing elbows with celebs, your name in a magazine, front row at fashion week or sipping champagne at a posh Parisian hotel. Those moments will come as long as you’re willing to do the dirty work. Like the story of an unsung hero, living the dream takes a lot of work that will go forever unnoticed. 

I’ve gotten a lot of advice along my journey (not that I am even close to my destination) and by far learning to just ASK has been the number one piece of advice. Over the last year I have had the opportunity to experience a lot of things that were once only a dream. I’ve been on TV, interviewed by magazines, conducted interviews with designers, hosted fashion events, rubbed some elbows with a few celebs and the list goes on… but none of this fell into my lap. I was consistent, persistent and I asked A LOT.

I have found that most people are more than willing to answer your questions or give you the opportunity you’re looking for. As, Rich Tong, fashion director of Tumblr told me, people who get it, get it and want you to succeed too. Hey, the worst you can get is a no and then… on to the next! 

Don’t find an excuse, find a way. 

I was not asked to be on television, CBS did not come knocking on my door. I had a moment of bravery, sent the producer my idea and asked if she would have me on the show. Get this… she said YES!  A little moment I like to call - superfreakingout

My inspiration to do such a thing came after reading Kelly Cutrone’s book, “If You Have To Cry Go Outside”. If you haven’t read it I suggest you do so now, immediately followed by, “Normal Get’s You Nowhere”.

From time to time I’m in the area where a designer visits and I’ve found myself wondering what it would be like to interview them. But wait… why would they let ME do that? I don’t write for Vogue, I don’t have thousands of blog hits or even an inside connection. But I do have passion and when it’s sincere, people notice. So now what do I have? The experience and proof in pictures and blogs where I can go hey, look… that’s me and celeb X, designer X etc. etc. etc. I really got to do that! Yet another series of superfreakingout moments.

Believe it or not, my motivation for contacting designers came from Twitter. Yeah… really! After following @dkny and some of her conversations that gave me a peak into the fashion industry, I realized that these are just real people who happen to work in fashion and are living their dreams. If you’re not contacting a PR rep just so that you can try to get front row fashion seats, they really are the most helpful and kind people. 

So what will you do today to come one step closer to that dream? Take action, ask… and you shall receive. :)