A gorgeous night at The Grove in LA was just the start of a fabulous night hosted by two of my favorite ladies in fashion.

Nail art, lemon drops, and candy colored hair… who wouldn’t have fun?

Say Fromage! Goofing around in the smile booth with fellow bloggers.

A packed party. Everyone came styled in brights, spring fever has set in! My must have from Gap this spring? These red pants that Katherine was wearing… so cute!

Ok, seriously, I don’t freak out around celebs (well Bradley Cooper would be another story) but, I got so excited to meet Katherine that I don’t think I said anything except: Can I get a picture with you? Duh… where did my brain go? I adore these ladies for their genius work of Who What Wear. I have been following the site since it started, since before I knew what a “blog” was. And Katherine, if you happen to read this I had planned to tell you all about the time I used a “What Was She Wearing” post for inspiration during a styling contest and… I WON. That contest made me fall in love with fashion all over again and it’s the reason I’m here doing what I’m doing today. So THANK YOU! And sorry for acting like somewhat of a crazed fan!

I got this shot with Hillary as she was trying to leave and she was so sweet to stop and pose with me. Note to self: Hair half up makes you look a bit alien-like in pictures and eyebrows disappear under fluorescent lighting. Anyway, I digress… I managed to blurt out a sentence or two about how much I love that their site is fashion sans gossip and that I was glad to meet them. Again, acting like a bit of a crazed fan! So sorry, Hillary! PS - I loved your bubbly personality.

Once I did discover fashion blog, this adorable (and TINY) little blogger, Dulce Candy @DulceCandy87, was one of the firsts I followed. Her Youtube videos are always helpful and she has such incredible style. She was SUPER sweet in person, so glad I got to finally meet her in person! Follow her amazing blog for style tips and inspiration.

I met up with new friends, Jessica @thestylefront and Elizabeth @lizzybeth1234 at the event. We met during School Of Style in Hollywood just a few weeks ago. You can see my School Of Style post here.

I think I managed to actually say Thank You before I left, but I’m not totally sure! Either way… I was a bit star struck! Side note: How amazing is her leather jacket?

I know you will be wearing brights this spring so pick some up at Gap and find out how to style them on

Oh and there will be a contest for who styled their bright ensembles best. If you would be so kind, you can vote for me here.