A view never forgotten

A view never forgotten

Life Is Silly

Venice, Italy for Carnival. I wore this pink wig around the city and I had a BLAST. Everyone thought that we were some famous girls on a water commercial. We went along with it! :) 

It’s only here once, yesterday is over and tomorrow is not promised - LIFE. If we only knew back then what we know now… right? I try to look at it this way, I’ll be saying that in 5 years so why not just live today as if I have nothing to fear. I realized something recently that my little sister has been trying to teach me for years, stop taking life so seriously. I’ll admit it, I’m one who is full of the if only I… I wish I woulda… I shoulda… but I can’t! I can’t have those moments back. I wish I woulda danced instead of standing by the wall but I was too scared that I would look silly. I shoulda talked to that person but I was afraid I would be rejected. I coulda laughed more instead of worrying about what others might think or worrying about troubles I had no control over at the moment. At times, ok, most times I take life a little too seriously.

Goofing around while shopping! Fashion should always be fun. 


This has been a year of self reflection for me. Looking in the mirror would be a better way to put it. I’ve taken a break from life as I’ve known it. I’ve traveled the world, dove head first into a life long dream, spent some much needed time with my family and old friends, danced like nobody was watching, giggled until my stomach was about to burst, cried until the tears were gone but most important… I’ve let go and laughed. I’m still a little shy, but I’ve learned to embrace silly. Being able to laugh at yourself is a very admirable trait and if you haven’t tried it, I recommend that you do. 

Paris, France. The day was amazing but I was stressed from walking so much and carrying that huge board through the entire city! My sister turned around with a camera and yelled… say FROMAGE! I laughed and replied… BONSOIR as loud and high pitched as possible. Goofing around like this is not common in Paris, to say the least. Once we got home she added a few things to the picture and a year ago I would have never shown anyone. Today, I think it’s hilarious and freeing to be able to laugh at myself! :)

What a wonderful crossroad to be at, wishing I were there again today. But then again, I am a lucky girl for having such an opportunity too see such a beautiful city.

What a wonderful crossroad to be at, wishing I were there again today. But then again, I am a lucky girl for having such an opportunity too see such a beautiful city.

Bienvenue à Paris

When I realized that I was staring 30 right in the face, I decided I would embrace it, not fear it. I’ve decided to do things I never thought I would do, let go of fear and LIVE my life to the fullest. Not only do I have the most amazing job in the world but I also have had a lot of opportunities to travel lately. In the last month I’ve visited Hershey, PA, Miami, NY and I’m now writing this from Paris, France. 

Excited beyond what words could explain, I exited the plane as quickly as I could, got thru customs and thankfully the signs to baggage claim were also in English! Whew! I waited… waited.. waited. Ok, no bag! I pulled out my phone to call my sister, no service. I make my way to the customer service counter and they promise to deliver it the next day. My sister said she would be at the RER, off to find that now. This is much scarier than I thought. No phone and no english… ok, God I need you! 45 min later and I found my way to Stephanie. We boarded the metro and headed into the city.

She has the cutest little apartment that’s just a block away from the Eiffel Tower! I love how everything here has so much character. 

A late arrival with no baggage was not going to ruin my trip! So we bundled up and headed out for a walk. What I saw was BEYOND beautiful. The Eiffel Tower SPARKLES at night, every hour on the hour! The Seine River is amazing and the detail to everything is breath taking. It really is like the movies. 

The view from across the river at Trocadaro

 This place is amazing and now that I have my luggage I’ll also be posting what I wore! I hope you enjoy the pictures I take as I’m on this amazing journey through life. I thank God for the opportunities I’ve had, the people that are here to support me and join me!