Mixed Up Manicure

Confession - I am a licensed nail technician as of 10 years ago (eek) and up until this summer I absolutely despised doing my own manicures. I actually had acrylic (double eek) until a year ago. Never again. So now that I am over being too good to do my own mani’s I’m having a BLAST playing with all of the options. Last week I played with SPARKLES and this week I mix it up.

This week I played with new Essie fall colors from their Brand New Bag collection; gifted to me at Lucky Magazine’s LuckyFabb. The light shade is: Lady Like and the darker shade is: Carry On.

I had fun with mixing the light and dark shades, painting 4 nails a shade and 1 nail with the contrasting shade per hand. One hand being mostly dark and one hand mostly light. What do you think? Would you try this?

PS - One trick I learned as a nail tech was that this OUT THE DOOR top coat is amaze! Not only does it leave you with shiny nails but it really does dry in about a minute. I get mine at the local Sally’s Beauty Supply.