Personal Styling 101

After taking Class 1 with School Of Style and learning the business of styling (see my experience here) I decided to take it a step further and learn the ropes of being a personal stylist. This class was held in the “Darkroom” at smashbox studios, Hollywood and taught by the fabulous, Lauren Messiah. Chic, no? Lauren is not only an experienced personal stylist, she is also an ambassador for Westfield Malls, Kohls and a part of:Style For Hire with Stacy London. Pretty impressive stuff! Not to mention her website, is beyond any other stylist’s website I have ever seen. On that note… go check it out, she’s the real deal! 

Class is in session! Really, who wouldn’t want this to be their classroom? I met so many fabulous fashion lovers and learned so much, if you have an interest… take the class! 

Why personal styling vs regular editorials, celeb styling, and red carpet? 

The experience is more one on one and you are able to help someone feel better about themselves, which betters their life and THAT, is something money can’t buy. What girl doesn’t just love a makeover story? Imagine being a professional makeoverer (I know, it’s not a real word but it sounds cool) as your job? It’s like, What Not To Wear, but in real life-your life!

What do you learn in Personal Styling 101?

    • Benefits of Personal Styling
    • Business Plan
    • Building Your Website
    • Equipment and Supplies
    • Marketing Yourself
    • Client Communication
    • Taking Measurements
    • Closet Audit
    • Pre-Styling
    • Returns
    • Billing
    • Fitting
    • Furthering Your Education

If you love fashion and styling like me, that list is about as exciting as a shopping spree! I loved every second of it!

For a personal style class I chose to stick to my typical wardrobe of black, white and a denim jacket. I’ve tried to get away from it for years but now I’m just learning to embrace it! I added bright matte lips (MAC Ruby Woo) sparkles and some winged liner.

Will you be taking the class? I would love to hear about your experience. Sign up here