My advice to aspiring stylists and fashionistas and my experience with winning Project Style!

My Night Out With Fashion

FNO – a celebration of shopping and fashion for one night only. Created by Anna Wintour, editor in chief ofVogue magazine, the event that began three years ago in NYC is now a worldwide success, offering attendees a chance to mix and mingle with celebs, designers, and bloggers. This night was but a dream to every fashion-obsessed individual out there, but now…it is a reality!

Short Pump Mall Fashion's Night Out

I have attended FNO in New York in years past, and to be honest, I was quite disappointed. It’s marketed to be such an approachable and available event. Sadly, it is everything but. Maybe their marketing is too good, if there is such a thing?  If nothing else, the experience had me craving a local FNO to get involved with. Having won Short Pump Mall’s firstProject Style event, they asked me to be a part of Richmond’s first FNO! Excited? Ummm… yeah!

I mean really, how many times can one say, “Today I’m channeling, Anna?” Like literally, not just kind of. I wore my FNO shirt (which got SO MANY compliments, make sure to get yours for next year!) and dressed it up with a bling necklace and a full on arm party. And I get to hang with celebs for the night – in a mall? Sign me up.


Not only was there so much going on with fashion shows, giveaways and shopping, I (yeah… just little ol’ me) got to spend the entire evening hanging with amazing people and judging this year’s Project Style. What a gig! My co-judges were Melissa Chase of 103.7 (A total local celeb I have wanted to meet forever!) and Alexis Bellino of The Real Housewives of Orange County. These ladies were amazing, funny and gorgeous. Eric Sean of HOT 100 was our MC of the night. The four of us had a blast.

The judging for project style was a tough job. Each contestant was amazing at showing trends as well as personal style. But we ladies agreed on one thing… THE RED PANTS that Larissa wore knocked it out of the park. On trend and so hot! Congrats Larissa, a job well done indeed.

I can’t thank Kelly and Short Pump Mall enough for making this a night to remember and part of a dream come true! If you have dreams of making it in this world of fashion, enter Project Style next year! You never know… it could be you! Fashion dreams really do come true!

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red carpet

Myself, Eric, Alexis and Melissa. We made quite the team.

Fashion’s Night Out with Alexis Bellino and Melissa Chase! We judged project style. So fun!

Fashion’s Night Out with Alexis Bellino and Melissa Chase! We judged project style. So fun!