The Long & Short Of It

 Before, long and boring

The goal: A big city spa and makeover experience with a small town feel. After many “surveys” for the hottest spot in Lewis County to get a spa experience I came up with one name over and over again. No matter what the age, profession, or style of the women I posed the question to, the answer was almost always the same, Courtyard Salon and Spa. I’ve grounded my feet into this small town and I was determined to stick to it. From NYC to LA and many metropolitan areas in-between, I’ve trusted my hair in some of the top salons and spas in the country, could I find a match right here in Lewis County? I would soon find out!

 With a new start in this journey they called life, I needed a new look to go with it. I was their project for the taking! Kim Chase and Annette Blankenship- Richardson are co-owners of this fabulous establishment and they were up for the challenge.  They each called me and went over what my goal was, explained how they became partners, who would be doing my services and found the perfect times to go with my schedule. Customer service is a five star! They split the experience into two days: one for my hair in the salon and one for the spa day of relaxation.

Day One: Makeover

I arrived early on a Tuesday morning, 8 am… which is long before regular call time at any salon I’ve ever been to but Melissa was there to greet me with a smile and go over some options to switch up my look. I’ve been stuck this rut of long hair that I do nothing with except pull into a bun on top of my head or pull back my bangs with a bobby pin. Sound familiar? I hadn’t colored my hair in months, out of fear of trying a new salon. She took me from drab and dull brown to a deep chocolate brown with some shine I had been severely lacking. While I processed we chatted about what to do in the area (I will be trying Devilfish Pub per her recommendation) and how to style my new hair once I let them chop off my locks.  I was put in the hands of Kaitlynn for a cut, and I’m not talking about a little trim. She cut off about6 or 7 inches and gave me some bangs (bye bye bobby pin). The outcome was fabulous! Kaitlyn styled my hair and taught me how to train my “side bangs”, I was pleased.  Day one – passed the test!! I love my new look and it definitely keeps up with the cutting edge style and trends of a big city salon.


Day Two: Spa Relaxation

I am hard to impress when it comes to spa treatments and I’ll admit, I was a little sneaky in not coming forth with this information before my experience. Mid facial with Kim I realized, there’s not even another salon I’ve visited that comes close. This girl has GOT IT. My skin needed refreshing with the change of seasons and the stress of life. I could not have asked for anything better. Onto the massage, Danielle asked if lavender aromatherapy and warm sheets sounded ok. Ok?  Umm… YES! Relaxed as I have ever been I headed for a pedicure with Donna in her fierce animal print themed room. Yep… a room just for you to relax while they pamper your feet. This day could not get any better. I left feeling like a new person with bright red toes and fabulous new hairstyle. Courtyard surpassed every expectation; I seriously cannot wait to go back. If you’re looking for a gift idea, or even a place to pamper yourself, look no further. I promise, you will not be disappointed! 


The amazing team that took me on as their project