Red Carpet Stylists: Unsung Heros or Masters of Disaster

Although the actual show itself was quite a bore, the red carpet coverage was quite entertaining. Seeing who wore what, who looked good, who looked terrible, and who was setting next seasons trends. Fashion is a funny business, isn’t it? The black dress is too boring but taking a risk will usually land one on the worst dressed list. We so often hear that fashion is fun, don’t take yourself too seriously, DO YOU! And then we judge, based on personal preference, what was she thinking, grandma gown, she’s so last season. We’re all guilty, no? So… here I go, my own dose of best and worst. All the cool kids are doing it.

But before I start, I have noticed that stylists (good or bad) rarely get the credit. Let’s face it, it’s not really “Celeb X” that is so trendsetting or “Celeb Y” that chose such a hideous ensemble. The fashion force behind them can either be an unsung hero (a la Grace Coddington) or the reason for “Celeb Z” catching the harsh judgment (a la Jessica Biel) of so many self appointed fashion police.  Again, guilty! I had so much fun tweeting away along with PR Girls, Stylists, Bloggers, and those of us who just plain love fashion. Here are the results: 


Oh Jen Rade, you are a genius! Angelina in Atelier Versace is HOT! From the classic bun to the red lips that match the red on the gown to, get this… the clutch was dyed to match the gown exactly. I really don’t think that Angie cares enough to be a fashion trend setter, therefore it’s Jen who get’s the credit for setting the next big trend: using red to make nude pop. I will be wearing this combo for spring. Angelina was hands down best styled of the night but it’s not like she was an eye sore to start with!

She didn’t stop with Angelina, Jen styled Katharine McPhee and what an amazing job she did. A nude custom Donna Karan tea length frock… classy yet on trend. That’s never an easy one to pull off. Katharine is monochromatic perfection. Donna + Jen = glamourous. Jen, you are the unsung hero of the 2011 Golden Globes.

Follow her on twitter: Jen Rade I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for this seasons red carpet! 

Taylor, we loved you on The Rachel Zoe Project, but I think we love you even more now. A raw talent who knows what she wants and how to get it. Kate Beckinsale looks elegant and chic yet so modern in this Roberto Cavalli gown with diamonds dripping from her ears. Statement earrings are must have trend, thank you, Taylor! 

Follow her on twitter: Taylor Jacobson  but don’t let her fool you with Kate’s sophisticated demure, she’s more than just a stylist, this girl has sass.  

It’s a Brad Brad world alright and he’s taking Jessica Alba along for the ride. He dressed her to perfection while prego but his work here is not finished. Brad Goreski might be brought to tears at the drop of a hat, but he’s bringing sexy back. Jessica glows, I need to know what is on her skin. She is sparkling in this Gucci gown with just a touch of red on her clutch. Bravo, Brad (pun intended).

Follow Brad Goreski on Twitter. He is like a perfectly styled box of Crayola crayons and you will love him.

Deborah Waknin is “Kind of Amazing” according to Sasha Charnin (Fashion editor of US Weekly) and I have to agree. There is no arguing that, like nude, the fishtail dress is a trend. Now Sofia Vegara has the body of an angel but, Deborah sure knows how to dress that body. The blue Vera Wang was nothing short of brilliant. Now the only problem is I have nowhere to wear a fishtail gown so I guess I’ll just stick to the blue? 

Karla Welch dressed, Paula Patton in this bright yellow Monique Lhullier gown, sending her to shine on down that red carpet. I don’t know if I should thank, Karla or be mad at her for making crave the days of summer and for wanting everything bright yellow. Well done! I love the risk, she stood out in a sea of nude dresses.

America’s new obsession, and possibly our next Jolie? Ryan Hastings had the honor of dressing up, Rooney Mara in Nina Ricci and she was stunning. All black everything done right. The edgy cut out’s, a romantic ruffled bottom, and her slicked back black hair… I like it! 



I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself… all I could think of when looking at Kelly Osborne and Tilda Swinton? The Jetson’s theme song, you know, meet George Jetson… Yeah, that one.

The gray hair and over structured gown was such a fail on Kelly. I love her personality but this does it no justice. Judd Minter was the Master of Disaster behind Kelly’s look. Although she did seem to love her Zac Posen gown and stood strong about all of the hate tweets regarding her gray hair. Good for you, Kelly, that’s what’s most important at the end of the day. But Judd, I can only hope for something a little more wowing next time. 

I really have no words for the whole picture that Jerry Stafford called styling here. Tilda was just all wrong, from head to toe. Points for trying I guess? 

And now… on to the next! It’s red carpet season and I’m excited to see which stylist get’s best dressed next. Who were your picks for best and worst styled at The Golden Globes?

Red Carpet… Red Hot

Chances are that if you love fashion, you were watching the E Red Carpet coverage with the rest of us fashion obsessed on Sunday evening. For the most part I was disappointed, the lack of creativity and class was immense. The ones that that got it right were few and far between but boy were they AMAZE! Red is hot hot hot for fall, one glance at Kate or Nina and you’ll see why. A glamorous mix of curve hugging fabulousness and class done oh so well.

Can’t afford these Elie Saab or Donna Karan frocks? No worries dear, we’ve got you covered with the look for less. They might not get you interviewed by Guilianna or Ryan, but they will get you noticed. This we promise.

PS- there is no such thing as the 360 Glam Cam IRL… or we’d all be in trouble, even with our spanx. So rock the red with confidence.

Red screams, look at me so making sure your hair, makeup and nails are equally fabulous is a must. And a side note for you red heads (you can wear red!).  Whether you go for a rent the runway selection perfect for a glam night our or a more day appropriate dress, red is all the rage for fall.  Go ahead and werk it.



Nina Dobrev DIVINE in a custom red Donna Karan gown at the Emmys!


Nina Dobrev DIVINE in a custom red Donna Karan gown at the Emmys!